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Why Promo USB?

Welcome to PromoUSB, we have been supplying USBs and Power Banks since 2010, We have some enthralling collection of USBs and power banks, also we got options like data preloading, Read only data and many other services in pen-drives. Our Minimum order quantity is as less as 100, we have had deals with some of the top class companies. We strive hard to maintain our quality and substantially assert customer satisfaction.



1. Data Loading with Dual Volumes

We can preload presentations, product catalogues or any other promotional materials you desire. Whether it is to supply important data to your clients or just to reinforce your company message, preloading your custom USB Flash Drives with data is an excellent concept. A Flash Drive is purely a data storage device so we can preload any type of data.

How you can send your data to us:

  • Send by email if the data is below 10MB. You can also provide the drop box link to sales person id.
  • If you are sending data by email or drop box, kindly sent in zip format. Upon receipt we will unzip the folder and add the resulting content onto each flash drive. This way the data will retain the exact folder structure you intended.

Here are some helpful tips to note when organizing and saving your content:

  • The following characters are not recommended for names of files or folders: \ /:*? “ <> |
  • By operating system default, files are organized by folders then files; numbers then letters. Please consider placing a letter or number in front of your folder or file name if you require it to appear first within your file structure.
  • PDF files are one of the most widely used formats. We recommend exporting or saving your documents as PDFs when possible. Unlike .doc or .docx documents, PDF files are not easily editable.
  • Any PowerPoint Presentation files (.ppt or .pptx) are best saved as PowerPoint Slideshows (.pps or .ppsx). This can be easily done from within PowerPoint, and makes it easier for the end user to view your material.
  • When saving video files, a higher compression rate that does not require high bandwidth is recommended. This will allow your video to be played from your drive without skipping.


2. Data Locking with Dual Volumes

The data locking services lets you keep your data safe from unintentional deletion through common use. It is fairly common for our customer to handout promotional USB drives to clients with their data and prevents it from deletion. With our data lock services you will never have to worry about your client, or end user, deleting your data from your promotional USB drive again.

How are data locking services works:

  • Create an undeletable partition, preventing computers from deleting information.
  • The computer reads the partition & makes the information from deleting.
  • Will not lock the entire USB drive, allowing users to still the use the USB for their own benefit.

Why data locks helps:

  • Perfect for USB drive that contain auto run menu.
  • Great for drives with company logos, proprietary images or content.
  • Protect specialized software that should not be overwritten or accidently erased.
  • Provides a usable space for the user to save and download their personal files. This ensures that users have a higher tendency to keep the drive while being continually exposed to your brand!

Data Lock non-removable repartition

A non-removable data lock repartitions the USB drive into 2 partitions, where static data files are loaded on one partition and is not erasable or editable, yet leaves the second partition available for user information. This is best when loading data like catalogs or informational documents you want the user to keep.

Data Lock non-removable CD auto run repartition

With a CD auto run repartition of the USB drive, one part acts like a CD and can auto run your menu, presentation, or software. This will act like a CD so anyplace a typical CD auto runs, so will yours USB. Also, the contents are non-removable or editable just like a CD and a typical data lock repartition. Also like the standard data lock, the remainder of the USB drive capacity will still be seen by the user as a USB drive for continued file storage.

3. USB Copy Protection

USB Copy Protection is hardware based, providing the highest protection level. Strong anti-copy protection for software and data tightly binds your files to the USB flash drive hardware and makes it virtually inseparable. While providing top of the line security for your business profits and data, it also makes your product remarkably safe and user-friendly.

Key Features of USB Copy Protection:

  • The content can be viewed, but it cannot be copied or shared.
  • Data and files cannot be deleted or formatted from the USB drive.
  • Copy-protected files formatted in PDF, html and text cannot be printed without permission, which means their dissemination is up to you.
  • Users cannot select content from one document and copy and paste it into another; this prevents users from performing a “select all” copy and paste from within a PDF.
  • Files can be set to expire at a specific date and time, which is ideal for subscription-based applications
  • There is no software to install on the host computer because the protected content runs 100% from the flash drive.
  • Administrator rights are not required because nothing is installed on the host computer; this is ideal for large corporations and government agencies.

4. Auto Run Function

Custom USB Flash Drives supplied by PromoUSB can support a function known as 'Auto Run', something which many other Flash Drives don't allow. This feature allows your preloaded data, such as a presentation, to launch automatically when the user plugs the custom USB Flash Drive into a computer. If you would like your flash drives to support Auto run, please inform us, as the drives must be formatted by PromoUSB as 'Local Disk' rather than the usual 'Removal Storage' format.

5. Logistics support

We are in to National as well as International Market. We supply to companies from across industries in Mumbai. Our clients include Auto Mobile, Pharma, IT, e-Commerce, Colleges and other companies in Mumbai. We also provide customized brand in different kind of packaging. So, if you are based in Mumbai, contact us for best and latest gifts with logo printing. With our reliable freight partners like Bluedart, Fedex etc., we are supplying in as early as 24 to 36 hours to customer in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and other cities in India.

6. Warranty

All PromoUSB flash drives are warranted against defects in workmanship when subjected to normal usage for the lifetime of the product, and drives returned to PromoUSB will be repaired or replaced if broken at our sole discretion. Flash drives will be repaired when possible but such repairs will normally be limited to replacement of electronics when possible. Duplication of company specific logos or names or images may not be possible. No specific or implied warranty applies to data stored on the drive either prior to original shipment (preloads) or after the drive has been distributed to end users. PromoUSB is not responsible for any real or consequential damages caused by any program or data stored on any drive.

7. Cancellations and Replacements

Once your pendrives have been printed with your artwork provided by you, no further modifications or additions can be made to the graphics. Please make sure that you examine and proofread all the documents you submit to us before placing your order. Any question about any product or order should be directed first to your sales representative and if you don't remember your sales representative, feel free to contact us and we will contact you with your sales representative. They will be able to help you as they best know your order.

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